What’s going on everyone? I am That Guy, the only author and publisher of That-Guy.net.  My real name is Rich. This site is a showcase of everything surrounding my life. The end goal for me is for this site to show everything that I know about in a helpful manner, so not only am I learning new things every day, but people are also benefiting from those things.

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Things you may find as the blog continues to update (though not guaranteed):

  • Computer technology advice: I am a huge fan of my desktops. Yes, I have two of them and I will talk about them a lot, as far as helpful information goes.
  • Career: I have advised people on their career before, not as a professional but as a friend. So this area does interest me and I feel it is something I can write on.
  • PC Programs: Occasionally I will talk about some programs or software that I have been using or find interesting. I may also do computer tutorials if there is enough interest.
  • Sports: Who doesn’t love sports? My main ones are football and basketball.