Are people still playing Battleborn and Helldivers?

Are people still playing Battleborn and Helldivers?

I’m a simple guy. I don’t play too many games, mainly because I do not have the time for them like I used to since picking up this new job and internship at different companies. I also do not have the most money so spending so much on video games I don’t even have time for makes little sense.

Because of that, I only play a few games. I have mentioned a couple on my blog here: Battleborn and Helldivers. Those are two of my favorite console games so far and I just wanted to update on whether people still play them.

Helldivers, I have kind of shied away from. It was a PS Plus game back in March, but now being November, one of the premium months for holiday AAA game releases, I think I have had enough of HD for now. Plus, there really are not that many active players on the game anymore.

Battleborn is a different story, though still similar in a sense. I play it from time to time and the servers are usually popping with people. But I did pick up a few games and have played the game much less frequently than before. Still, it is worth noting that people are still on the servers and the game is not dead like many predicted at its launch.

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