Battleborn: Quick Impressions

Battleborn: Quick Impressions

Battleborn released very, very recently. Earlier this month, May 3rd to be exact, it launched on consoles as well as on Steam so PC players can play. I got the chance to get it early, but I like to take my time on a game rather than rush a review or impressions video or blog post. This allows for me to get as much gameplay time as necessary to deem how valuable a game is to me.

The first thing you may notice in when playing the game is definitely the colorful display of graphics. This is Gearbox Software that made the game, creators of the epic Borderlands series which is just as artistic. There is something unique about the graphic designers over there, as they all have a great sense of flavor with every pixel they touch. I definitely do admire the colorful and chaotic environment.

The gameplay is tight (just like Helldivers’ awesome gameplay) and I love the concept of a first person MOBA. They do it well with tons of extra characters, too, so it never really feels like you run out of content since each one is pretty deep. So far my playing time has been enjoyable, and I do like the leveling system.

I am not going to rate the game just yet, as I have only put in roughly a week or so into it, which never warrants a complete rating in my opinion (I mean look at the people at IGN trying so hard to get the review in a day after launch; their articles never ever mention longevity or consistency of a game, but are instead a first impression of a video game…). I feel like you have to be playing the game for at least 3 weeks to a month to truly gather its worth. This is because there are people out there that are only able to purchase like two or three games a year, and so each game they buy, they need to be able to play it for months on end without getting bored or running out of things to do. That is just my philosophy at least.

I truly think the game is fun. I will give it a while before I get a rating though. Do ask questions about it if you have any.

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