Getting into IT

Getting into IT

My friend has been having trouble with his career lately. With a degree in US History, he has not been able to find a reliable job (though teaching is always  a fallback option for him). As his friend, I tried to help. I asked questions and tried to dig into what he was interested in and good at. He told me he loved doing things with computers, though he wasn’t very experienced in it. Things like checking up on his connection, fixing a router, managing an error within Windows, or restoring hard drives were events he was able to do in his free time. Still, Information Technology is a demanding field that requires employees to have a wider range of knowledge.

I advised him to go to school again to at least pick up a certificate or license that shows he went through some of the learning and had further experience. Information Technology definitely is a great area to work in, as there are tons of computers to configure and still some money left to be made.  Plus, the job market requires technicians who are able to fix up problems or prevent them.

Currently, he is in school again working on a certificate. He should be able to get it within a year, and hopefully that lands him a job or two. What do you guys think? Any other PC-related field he should work on?

— For privacy reasons, obviously, I will not mention his name. But I hope that when he reads this there are some encouraging comments or at least some emails sent in regards to his situation —

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