Helldivers is the Best Damn Top-Down Shooter of All Time

Helldivers is the Best Damn Top-Down Shooter of All Time

I don’t make statements often that include “the best” and end with “of all time”. But seriously, Helldivers is the best top-down shooter game of all time.

Yes, maybe that is an easy statement to make because there aren’t a lot of good top-down games to begin with (seriously, look at these top-down games on Steam) so there isn’t a lot of competition. But still, the statement holds value because Helldivers is actually a fun game to play.

What is Helldivers?

It is a PC game, though it launched on PS4 earlier this year, that has a focus around a character and his battle buddies to spread democracy around a planet. The gameplay is fairly complex, but they are easy to pick up. Basically, you have these weapons, a main gun and a pistol. You shoot with those and can alternate. What really gets interesting is the use of Strategems, basically call-in objects that help you on your quest. These can range from an airstrike, to a temporary new weapon like a machine gun or flamethrower, to a full sized tank. These are going to be your main arsenal because your success truly depends on which Strategems you choose to start the game with.

Other areas that change up the gameplay include the Perks, which basically allow you certain abilities like being able to call your Strategem in quicker or being able to walk faster on terrain like snow.

Why is it so damn good?

Simple: the cooperation required to complete the missions. You are able to do online co-op with up to 4 players and you complete missions in order to get new items and level up. It is so addicting because the character variations, from Strategems and weapon choice, can change up your whole game.Helldivers gameplay level 50 computer

The DLC is mad good too. All of the weapons seem very fun to use and once purchased, they don’t actually make you overpowered. Overall, there is a very good, clean balance in all the weapon, perk, and Strategem types.

This game is one of the best I have played this year on my desktop. I also own it for PS4 simply because it allows for local co-op on there as well as online co-op, giving it one of the best integration features I have seen on a multiplayer game.

Seriously, try it out. The gameplay is so unique and cleverly done that you will easily sink more than 10 hours in this game. I personally have 30 right now and I am still enjoying every bit of it. Let me know what you think in my email or on Twitter. Cheers

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