I have lost all utter respect for Kevin Durant. I realize I am just another guy (actually, I am THAT guy, haha) but still, KD deserves every ounce of hate he has received. He hasn’t yet, but if he ever lets out a statement that questions why he is receiving hate — ala Dwight Howard saying he doesn’t understand the hate he receives even though he is consistently complaining about the players, organization, and play style around him — the world will never stop giving Durant BS.

This was a big coward move by one of the more loved players in the league. I would say other words to describe it, instead of coward, but this is the Internet and this is my blog that I want to maintain a little bit professionally. But seriously. His career is tainted now and I don’t think he has much to gain, even if he wins a championship. First of all, his team was literally one fourth quarter away from beating a historically good team in Golden State. One fourth quarter away from going to the finals against Cleveland, and then consequently 4 games away from being the 2016 champs. Yet, he joins the team that beat him. The team that exposed him as a choker. He left a good, championship-worthy team — the best Oklahoma City team in history arguably — for a 73-win team. Coward.

Next, even if he wins a championship (I truly hope they don’t. Draymond already is a coward), what does that reflect on his career? Did he completely earn it himself? Sure, Kobe had Shaq or Pau Gasol, and MJ had Scottie, and LeBron had Wade and Bosh. But neither Kobe, Michael Jordan, or LeBron — three all-time greats in history — joined a historically good team after leaving an already good team. Kobe never left the Lakers. He brought them back to greatness. MJ never left the Bulls until after he won his rings. He also carried them. LeBron struggled for years on an otherwise trash team. He left a bad team to go to a good team. Still a bad move, but at least he had decent reason to. Kevin Durant’s reason? He couldn’t bring his team to a single victory 3 times in a row, after being up 3-1.

Kevin “Coward” Durant. #35 on Golden State. Future champion but always a coward for joining the Warrior bandwagon and laying back for his ring.

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