My Computer Can’t Run Battlefront!

I have a huge problem. I will admit that I haven’t been paying attention to the hype surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront’s release, but that’s because I have been playing a whole world of other games, mainly older games that I haven’t played yet. The thing with me is that I’m what people would call a “patient gamer“, basically when I wait for games to get on sale or for other newer games to come out. That is when I pounce on games. Some may call it being cheap, others may call it a lack of attention to new games. I just prefer this way because I can get games for much cheaper, and I don’t really involve myself in the hype before new games are released anyway so there would be no point in preordering. To add, my computer isn’t necessarily strong enough to play modern games, so I just wait for the older games that it can run and upgrade my tech when I need to.

But as I was browsing the web, I came across a video and then researched more. I found my computer can’t run Battlefront, which is a game I recently became so heavily interested in. I almost always check the requirements for PCs to run it before I can play, because if I didn’t that just wouldn’t be smart of me. Have a look below. Yes, my desktop is that bad. Yes, I will eventually upgrade. No, you can’t keep mocking me.

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