My Thoughts on the PS4.5 “Neo”

My Thoughts on the PS4.5 “Neo”

So I got an email from a fan asking my thoughts on the recently leaked PS4.5, codenamed by Sony the “Neo”. Instead of just emailing him back my answer, I figured I should create a post here since I do have some pretty bold opinions on the whole new project. Read them below.

The NEO console is basically the PS4, but with upgraded RAM, a better processor, and an upgraded graphics processing unit. All of these sound like upgrades that could leave the PS4 in the dark, probably making it even the next Playstation console. But, many sources have debunked these rumors and claim that they are just minor improvements to make the PS4 a more efficient machine in terms of maximizing its already-existing hardware.

Playstation Neo That-guy netThe good news here is that this new gaming device, according to GameSpot, restricts game developers from making anything exclusive to it, as well as allowing any Playstation 4 owner, from old to new, to play their game. That gives a massive breath of release to early Playstation adopters, as they don’t have to worry about being separated just because a developer chooses a newer console over theirs.

Despite this, I still think it is a huge mistake. I see no big positive side out of this. People flock to the gaming consoles because of their ease of use and to avoid the worry of having to upgrade their hardware. Sony is ruining this by having them make another decision: whether or not the PS4.5 is a worthy upgrade. It separates the user base, even in a minor fashion.

What do you all think? Email or tweet me!

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