NBA Playoffs: Spurs-OKC Round 2 Preview

NBA Playoffs: Spurs-OKC Round 2 Preview

The Spurs swept the Grizzlies just a half week ago, and yesterday the Thunder put in a dominant performance to get rid of the pesty Mavericks, and unfortunately probably ending Dirk’s amazing run at a second championship. Regardless, this next series is a matchup to watch.

Why Spurs and OKC is noteworthy:

Lamarcus Aldridge Playoffs Preview against Thunder
Aldridge has been huge against Memphis. But with a stronger frontcourt in Ibaka and Adams, he may struggle with his shot.

The Spurs, as I mentioned in my Round 1 roundup,  are a historically good team. They are insanely good at home, setting home winning streak records while doing outstanding on the road as well. But no one really talks about them because all you hear is the Warriors noise, which is still deserved. The point is, SAS is making sound out there while being blurred out. They are an elite team that just added Aldridge the last offseason.

The Thunder are also being overshadowed, ironically, by San Antonio and GS’ success this season. The Thunder have a better record than when they had Harden on the squad. That speaks enough for themselves. Westbrook and Durant are doing Westbrook and Durant things, running that offense like crazy.

What looks the most interesting about all of this, though, is the drastic changes in playstyles between the two teams. As you may know, the Spurs deploy a very team-oriented style, passing and moving that rock around constantly to find the best available shot, whether it be a three, a dunk, or a floater by Tony Parker. The Thunder, with respect to them, run a more iso-heavy offense, with Westbrook and Durant each hoisting up to 20 shots a night each, mostly on isolation plays.

Both offenses work, as we have seen both franchises carry huge success this season. It will be awesome to see them collide in this Round 2 matchup of great teams.

What do you think? PS: I would love to hear opinions on next Sports pieces for the blog. I might do a round 2 preview of interesting potential matchups whenever the other teams finish their first round.

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