That-Guy update #1

I have been working on the website for months now, and that likely will not change in the long term. However, I do have an announcement I have to make, at least for the short term point of things.

As it is summer time, I, the young guy of this website. would like to enjoy myself. I have been out and about these past weeks already, but that will be up again for the next month or so probably. On top of that, I have some internships I would like to do to advance myself into my field. Note that the blog is not shutting down. I would never do such a thing! 🙂 Especially with all these readers that I have now, I completely appreciate each of you. I love the emails you send me and have even received some awesome private messages on Twitter. So do not be afraid, because the blog and all its previous content is staying. Actually, I’m staying too. Just doing other things for the meantime.

I will be back soon enough. Love you all!

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