YEAR 2005-2006
I was told by mom and dad that i was a sprinter in my childhood….i used to ran so fast that people wer scared that i might fall and get serious injuries…that is why i was sent to kerala…so that my granpa and granma wud look after me….hw mistaken wer my parents….
I used to run ther too…my granpa on one side and my granma on the other…i gave them a hard life during my short stay…but they always cherised those times….granma affectionately called me CHUNI…instead of UNNI…which was my nick name….i always remember u u…
Back to the topic!!!….but as i grew…i was not able to run as fast as i used to run….i became slow… i used to enter till semi finals..but in the finals i came 5th or 6th ….it was humiliating…coz my height was a plus point..but i cudnt convert into my strongest point….
But it was all Gods plan…my energy was getting accummulated in my body…for the right time….during my 7th class the fastest guy was Manoj…a southindian….nobody cud run as fast as he cud….
He used to win 100m…200m…400m..relay races…a feat which was unachievable to many….till i came
It was November…the month of games…sports..and all other cultural activities….i won medals in football…basketball….i used to win every year…as it is a team sport….IN HOLY ANGELS IF U DONT HAV NAME…U WILL NEVER GET RECOGNITION EVEN IF U FIND u can imagine…Manoj used to get praises after winning basket ball and football matches…nobody asked me of my rebounds…saves…goals…i was just an UNDERDOG….
The first race was 100m race…i was in the YELLOW house…Manoj was too in the same house…so u can imagine the rivalry….ther was 3 running lines..and he was in the 3rd line…my heart was beating real fast..the adrenaline was rushing to my veins…i got ready for the race…as the whistle blew…i ran like this was the end of the world….
It was strange wen u…

Of Mice and Men

· History of cocainOne of the most widely used illegal drugs in the United States is cocaine, and like many other drugs, it comes from a plant that has been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world. Cocaine comes from the coca leaf, a plant that has a long history in spiritual rituals.
Coca and Andean Indians
It used to be that in the Andean Indian culture, the coca plant was linked to a sacred goddess. These cultures believed that they had to please the coca goddess in order to have a successful harvest. The leaves of the coca plant were chewed or smoked to help these natives connect with spiritual beings, as well as provide magical protection and powers.
Traditionally, coca leaves were chewed only by the leaders or royalty. Over time, however, even lower classes were encouraged to chew the leaves to experience the benefits. When the Spanish invaded the Incas land, they tried to outlaw the chewing of coca leaves. But it soon became apparent that the Incas worked better when they were given leaves to chew. Coca leaves give the user a boost of energy, as well as prevents hunger. Mood stabilizes and stamina also increases in those that chew coca leaves.
First use of cocaine
Cocaine was first extracted from the coca plant in the 1860s. At first it seemed to be a miracle drug that was useful in treating depression and morphine addiction, and it was prescribed by many physicians for various reasons. However, it became evident that there were some serious problems with using cocaine, and it decreased naturally in popularity by the 1920s.· Current trendsAccording to NSDUH, current cocaine use gradually declined between 2003 and 2008 among people aged 12 or older (from 2.3 million to 1.9 million). In 2009, significant declines from 2008 were also seen in past-year use of cocaine among 12th-graders and in current cocaine use among 10th- and 12th-graders in the MTF survey. Another positive long-term decline (from 2004 to 2009)…

AUD/USD forecast

International Financial Market ReportGroup name: EIO
Currency selected: Australian Dollar
Exchange rate being analyzed: AUD/USD Names1. Summary
a) Background
The Australian dollar is the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the sign of it is $ and the code is AUD. The Australian dollar is a reserve currency, and it is one of the most traded currencies in the world. As of 2013, the Australian dollar is the 5th most traded currency in the world, accounting for 8.6% of the world’s daily share. It trades in the world foreign exchange markets behind the US dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound sterling. The following graph shows the currency distribution of global foreign exchange market turnover: And there are four reasons can explain why AUD is so popular with currency traders: 1) the high interest rates in Australia; 2) the relative freedom of the foreign exchange market from government intervention; 3) the general stability of Australia’s economy and political system; 4) the prevailing view that the Australian dollar offers diversification benefits in a portfolio containing the major world currencies, especially because of its greater exposure to Asian economies and the commodities cycle.
b) Exchange rate policies
The Australian pound, introduced in 1910 and officially distinct in value from the pound sterling since devaluation in 1931, was replaced by the dollar on 14 February 1966.
Prior to 1983, Australia maintained a fixed exchange rate. The first peg was between the Australian and British pounds, initially at par, and later at 0.8 GBP. This reflected its historical ties as well as a view about the stability in value of the British pound. From 1946 to 1971, Australia maintained a peg under the Bretton Woods system, a fixed exchange rate system that pegged the U.S. dollar to gold, but the Australian dollar was effectively pegged to sterling until 1967. With the breakdown of the Bretton Woods…

The Great Gatsby Rhetorical Analysis

The novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about the American Dream, an idealistic and illusionary goal to achieve wealth and status. The ruthless pursuit of wealth leads to the corruption of human nature and moral values. Fitzgerald uses characters in the novel to show the corruptions and the illusionary nature of the American Dream. The superficial achievement of the American Dreams give no fulfillment, no real joy and peace; but instead, creates lots of problems for the characters in the novel. Gatsby’s personal dream symbolizes the larger American Dream where we all have the opportunity to get what they want. What happens to Jay Gatsby represents the failure of the American Dream., His dream is to attain happiness, represented by Daisy’s love, through materialism and power.”Their love is founded upon feelings from the past,
these give it, notwithstanding Gatsby’s insistence on being able to repeat the past, an inviolability. It exists in the world of money and corruption but is not of it.” The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about the American Dream, and the demise of those who attempt to capture its false goals. For Jay, the dream is that, through wealth and power, one can obtain happiness. To get this happiness Jay must reach into the past and relive an old dream and in order to do this he must have wealth and power.
Jay Gatsby, the central figure of the story, is a character who longs for the past. He devotes most of his adult life trying to recapture it and, eventually dying in its pursuit. In the past, Gatsby had a love affair with the beautiful and seemingly innocent Daisy. Knowing he could not marry her because of the difference in their social status, he leaves her to accumulate his wealth so that he reaches her economic and social standards. Once he acquires this wealth, he moves just across the bay from her and her husband, Tom. At this mansion, he throws extravagant parties, hoping by chance that Daisy…

the traveller

The Traveller
My coat flushed behind me as I cantered through the woods that night. The taut air hissed at me and my horses hoofs trampled on the flinty pathway. I felt the anxiety creep up on me. The bare branches grasped onto my hood; they dragged me to the ground. Was I to be bold, or to be ashamed and startled? For I did not know whether to turn back, or to keep going, to chase my haunting duty. The trees were closing up on me so I decided to keep going. My horse started to gallop and I almost fell off. And I saw it, once again.
I can remember now, the first time I came to this house, a group meeting. The residence I was glaring at with fear and shock used to once be a happy place, with joy and glee. It was 1940; my 12 friends and I had joined to set up a safe home for the Jews. We had bought this house for the safety of our friends. We filled their hearts with joy, not the misery of their lost ones. We parted when one of us was found, and killed. We had promised each other that we would meet here, on the 2nd of October 1951. I know they remembered, they couldn’t have forgotten. But there was no sound around me but the whistling air bristling agents my ears. I knocked on the hard muted door. No one replied. The light began to fade and it was hard to work out the red bricks of the house. it was silent, simply silent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

merchant ov

How successful do you think Shakespeare has been in constructing close relationships in Act 1 scene 1The theme of friendship if used as a foundation stone in the play Merchant of Venice. One of Shakespeare’s success in constructing close relationships in Act 1 Scene 1 is the fellowship between Antonio’s friends and himself. Antonio is introduced to the audience first image of the play. Our first impression of Antonio is a self centered and melancholy person. The first line indicates that he is at a depression. He is possibly self absorbed, but yet he don’t understand why he is miserable.First, Antonio has plenty of friends because is personal background. He is rich, possess several ships, he’s a merchant. We might interpret that all his friends, Bassanio, Salerio, Solanio, Grantiano, Lorenzo are being kindhearted to him just to see if they can get any advantages from him. Moreover, Salerio and Solanio is constantly mentioning his money and his status. ‘ There you argosies with portly sail’ , ‘ Do overpeer the petty traffickers’ , ‘And see my wealthy Andrew docked in sand,’. This remind us of the two headed Roman god Janus, where people are kind on the outside but sinful inside. Since Antonio signs of being depressed. Salerio and Solanio began to make assumption of why he’s sad and started to interrogate him. We see that there are friendship going on in between, not always business minded but also serves a duty to cheer his friend up, it shows care from Salerio and Solanio. This extent is successfully constructed a close relationship in Act 1 scene 1.Another way that Shakespeare uses to heighten the relationships is inducing the character Bassanio, Antonio’s kinsman. Shakespeare is making the point that Antonio doesn’t have a lot of close friends but Solanio refer Bassanio as ‘you most noble kindsman’ and ‘ better company’.

Management Accounting

Abstract ……………………………………………………………………………………1
Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………….1
Suppliers for Coca- Cola………………………………………………………………….1
Inventory management……………………………………………………………………4
Quality management……………………………………………………………………….7
References …………………………………………………………………………………12Abstract
In this report, we analyse the world’s largest beverage company-The Coca Cola Company. The company refreshes consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands, with portfolio featuring 16 billion dollar brands including Diet Coke, Fanta and etc. It is the No.1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready – to-drink coffees and juice drinks with consumers in more than 200 countries at a rate of more than 1.8 billion servings a day. Because of the standing features, it has various suppliers and large quantities of inventory for us to study.
This report presents some findings of The Coca Cola Company. The main purpose is to gather and critically analyse the information about suppliers, inventory and quality within the company. The report writing task has involved determining the influence of suppliers on the company by using the “Bargaining Power of Input Suppliers”, describing the inventory management and quality management of the company and analysing them with theoretical knowledge. The findings of this report will be presented with graph after detailed study.
Suppliers for Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola sources ingredients, packaging and capital equipment from approximately 84000 suppliers. The main suppliers are sugar refiners and manufacturers of PET perform, glass bottles, cans and coolers. In 2010, Coca-Cola spent of 4029 million for suppliers that means the company has significant influence with them (Coca-Cola Company, 2010).
Selected suppliers by Coca-Cola
At the Coca-Cola Company, they are considered that their supplier base should represent their diverse customer and consumer base. They have…

Value of Education in the President’s Eyes

Value of Education in the President’s Eyes
There is an American story to which all people of the United States are connected to. It is a story of the hard work, people who refuse to quit and a love for a country that has provided endless opportunities. President Barack Obama addressed this story in his 2009 speech on education. He used it to justify the importance of earning a valued education in order to repay the debt each American owes his and her country. President Obama recognized education as an essential component in continuing the story of America.
The youth of America has an undeniable responsibility to itself. As individuals, each student, is held accountable for finding out what he or she is good at. This responsibility can be fulfilled by an education. With the opportunity of an education students are able to discover their interests and indulge themselves in learning of all kinds. Students have the chance to find their strong academic areas by taking different classes. Taking a class focusing on creative writing may spark an interest in literature or one about forensics may lead to a career in criminal justice. No matter what direction a student chooses to go in, he or she will have to work hard to be successful. Although failures may occur, such as poor test scores, students must use those experiences as learning tools that will aid their final achievements in education. Barack Obama used Michael Jordan as an example of someone who was not defined by his failures but rather allowed them to help create his success. American students must do the same in regards to their academic careers.
The work that is put in by the students of America will determine the outcome of their future, as well as the country’s. The United States will continue to face challenges and it will be up to these students to have acquired the knowledge to solve them. Besides being able to meet new problems with solutions, they will also have to create resolutions to older…


“You have cancer” is something we all never want to hear from our doctor because it means a world of suffering and for most, death. Sadly, over 5 thousand people in North America are diagnosed with cancer every single day. Yes! That means 2 million people per year. Why listen to me in this subject? When I was 7 years old, unfortunately my mother was diagnosed with cancer but luckily it was still at the very beginning. But what’s the first thing you think of when you hear cancer? (Pause and wait) DEATH! That’s why, since then I have invested in so much time of researching about this topic because it could be anyone. Dr.David Brownstein a world-known doctor states that cancer death rates are mostly unchanged in 80 years. For males, doctors have been able to decrease their chances of dying from stomach cancer. However, the death rate for colon cancer is unchanged, for prostate cancer it’s increased and for lung cancer it’s significantly increased. For women, the death rates for colon, uterine, and stomach cancer have decreased. However, the rates are unchanged for breast cancer, and the rates for lung and ovarian cancer have dramatically increased. And for both men and women, the rates for thyroid cancer keep rising more and more. Consider this right NOW, one in 7 women is expected to get breast cancer and one in 3 men is expected to get prostate cancer and one in 3 among the entire population is expected to get some kind of cancer during his or her lifetime.

Hello, I’m a Salesman

AP US History Document Based QuestionDirections: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of documents A-K and your knowledge of the period referred to in the question. In your essay, you should strive to support your assertions both by citing key pieces of evidence from the documents and by drawing on your knowledge of the period. High scores will he earned only by essays that both cite key pieces of evidence from the documents and draw on outside knowledge of the period.
Analyze the changes that occurred during the 1960’s in the goals, strategies, and support of the movement for African American civil rights. Use the documents and your knowledge of the history of the 1960’s to construct your response.Document A “We affirm the philosophical or religious ideal of nonviolence as the foundation of our purpose, the presupposition of our faith, and the manner of our action. Nonviolence as it grows from Judaic-Christian traditions seeks a social order of justice permeated by love. Integration of human endeavor represents the crucial first step towards such a society.
Through nonviolence, courage displaces fear; love transforms hate. Acceptance dissipates prejudice; hope ends despair. Peace dominates war; faith reconciles doubt. Mutual regard cancels enmity. Justice for all overthrows injustice. The redemptive community supersedes systems of gross social immorality.” Source: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) statement of purpose, April 1960.Document B “The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense calls upon the American people in general and the black people in particular to take careful note of the racist California Legislature which is now considering legislation aimed at keeping the black people disarmed and powerless at the very same time that racist police agencies throughout the country are intensifying the terror, brutality, murder, and repression of black people….