Terrica Martin
Mrs.WatkinsAlice Walker Alice Walker grew up to be an outspoken and inspirational writer. She was greatly dedicated to her education. This dedication gave her the confidence to accomplish many of t5he the things that are important to our history of literature today. By having said that, Walker is a determined person who has accomplished many things. She is also a great influence on our African-American history.
Walker has been determined to be a writer all of her life; if she sees something she wants, she is determined to get it. When walker was younger she wanted to become a writer. She had a tough child hood growing up, and decided she would release all of her emotions by writing them in a journal. As she grew older, her work became more sophisticated, and she was determined to write an award winning book which she did. Walker’s book The Color Purple, won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Although this book is a bit vulgar, it shows the unique style of writing she uses.(
Walker Graduated in the 1960’s , and that is when her writing career began. She wrote her books in the civil rights era( Throughout Walker’s life of struggle and exception, she has accomplished many things. She has written a number of books and poems-too many that it is not recorded. The style of her works , usually contain fiction/folklore literature. One of Walker’s poems is “A Poem Traveled Down My Arm”. This poem shows her creativity with beautiful elements throughout the poem(
In her younger years, while she was attending Spelmen College,she had the opportunity to meet Martin Luther King Jr. She thanked him for her decision to go back to the American South as an Activist for the civil rights movement. During the civil rights movement, Walker volunteered to help register African-Americans in Georgia and Mississippi….

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