child abuse

?Most relationships are far from perfect, each one is unique with their own consequences and responsibility, most of which are overlooked when the relationship is unsuitable and unsafe for children. Over 3.3 million children are exposed annually to domestic violence (source?). Over 20 percent of these children grow up with behavioral problems and a feeling of self-guilt that result in more serious effects than most of us know.
The way a child is brought up has a lot to do with the person he or she will become, and the behaviors that a child witnesses can also have a major role in the way they will live there life as an adult. More commonly in America there have been reports and studies (which studies? Find one and insert it! Provide evidence and facts!) about violent relationships, but more about the children that are involved in the violent relationship. In most cases a child may grow up and repeat the violent behaviors that they have seen taken out on their mother(does abuse not happen to fathers too? Also are you just focusing on physical abuse? Or abuse as a whole?). Other times the child may take the role of the parent and feel the need to become the protector, which is the most dangerous putting the child directly in the middle of the compromising and seriously dangerous situation. Seeing the person that is the provider and the structure of the family acting in such an aggressive matter can trigger some strong emotions in a child. Not only is a child not able to process the confusion of the situations but they are not emotionally strong enough to say exactly what they are feeling. Which leads to the fear of a child committing suicide due to the feeling that the abuse is there fault, they may begin to feel like they are not even needed or wanted.(according to? Where are you getting this info from?)
A child’s surroundings can also have a role in the way the parents are raising or behaving around their children. Stress levels and tension can rise with…

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