Following in Someones Foot Steps

Have you ever thought about joining the military? I have and it was a struggle . I have the option to choose which branch of military I want to enlist in too. There is Air force, Army or the Marines that thought about joining. Another obstacle I have to face the different requirements for each branch.
The hardest obstacle I am face with is picking a branch they all have great career fields. My brother is a Staff Sergeant in the Marines. The Marines are usually the first in action and the last out. Unlike the Air force which usually is state side unless Special Forces or flying. But there is two reasons I am considering the Air force, I would be state side a lot more often and I would love to fly f15’s or even c17’s. The Army has three Special Forces that I am interested in, the Rangers, Green Berets and Delta Force. It would be an honor to become any part of the Special Forces. But each one of those has very strict requirements.
Any military branch has strict requirements, for every branch now you have to have a high school diploma. That is the most difficult obstacle I am facing. The Air force is the hardest for me to get in to because you need to be book smart; you need a score of 50 higher on the asvab. But their basic training is the shortest at six weeks. The Marines has the longest basic training its 12 weeks long. Also is the hardest basic training to go through. But the Army it the easiest to enlist in too. Army’s basic is 9 weeks long but become a Ranger or any Special Forces takes additional time. But I am fine with going to any of the basics because it is important to me to serve for my country.
It is important to serve my country to protect the citizens of the USA. Ever since the terrorist attacks on the twin towers and pentagon, my brother and I both wanted to fight for the country. Also there is the fact that I will also help other countries. If I become Special Forces I will be able to travel the world and help train third world countries…

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