Georges Danton Biography

Georges Danton Biography
Georges Danton was a French lawyer and political figure who played a key role in the early development of the French Revolution. He became the president of one of the first non pro monarchy political clubs in France. This club played an instrumental role in the “Storming of the Bastille” and subsequently the start of the French Revolution. He was also prominent member of the first post monarchy government that began as a result of the revolution.
Georges Danton was born on October 26, 1759 in Arcis-sur-Aube, France. He born to a “middle class” family by standards of that time and obtained a good education as a child. He eventually went to law school and became a prominent lawyer in Paris. While in Paris, Danton was an active member in the local political scene and was known locally as a figure head. He founded the “Cordeliers Club” which was an anti Monarchy club based out of a district in Paris. They were one of the first clubs to be vocal about the abolition of the French Monarchy and were instrumental in the “Storming of the Bastille.” With lots of pressure coming from the citizens of France, King Louis XVI and his wife were overthrown and the monarchy abolished.
In 1791 after the Monarchy had fallen, the “Legislative Assembly” had been started. It was basically an interim government that started due to the fall of the monarchy. Danton had failed to be elected into it, so he took a position as a member of the local government in Paris known as the “Paris Commune.”
During that time Danton had aligned himself with people involved in the Girondists movement. The Girondists were a political faction group in France who were opposed to the Monarchy and were in control of the current government. Subsequently, once the Legislative Assembly had fallen Danton was made the Minister of Justice in 1792 by the Girondists. During this time, France was at war with Austria. After news had spread of Prussian advances in France, many citizens…

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