Is eating meat morally wrong

Should humans eat meat? That’s a question that everyone has an opinion about. I personally am a firm believer that there is nothing wrong with eating meat. There are many points of views and many arguments on this topic. There are many reasons each side believers theirs is better. I don’t look at it in an absolute aspect I see nothing wrong with eat because the way I look at it is; Meat is full of protein, and nutrients that are hard to get otherwise, it helps keep farms running around the nation, and the human body is genetically designed for the consumption of both meat and plant.
There are many different types of vegetarians and many different reasons why some people choose to be a vegatrian. Some people feel like it leads a healthier life, while others thing that it is moral wrong to eat an animal because it is a living creature like humans are and they deserve to live their own lives without humans taking their lives so meat eaters can have some steak or chicken or any other animal the meat eaters want and have it at their convenience. Vegetarians will argue that the eating of meat is unethical, that it is not right to raise animals to kill off for us to eat. But when you really think about it humans have been eating meat for as long as we have been around. There is a natural order in life, and everything is on the food chain. Vegetarians will say that meat is unhealthy, and causes heart disease when in reality more vegetarians live healthier lives because they made the choice to be healthy. That choice includes cutting things out of their life that are unhealthy, such as junk food and smoking. Many vegetarians fail to realize that vegetable oil contributes to build up in your arteries. Vegetable oil has polyunsaturated fats that cause plaque to build up, and clog your arteries. Meat has saturated fats in it which are good for you. It’s the unsaturated fats that are bad, and can hurt your heart health. So the whole idea that vegetarianism is healthier…

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