“The fate of individuals is dependent on the landscape from which they emerge”
Explore Bronte and Hawthorne’s varied presentation of the inks of the individual characters and landscape in light of this comment.
Oxford Dictionary defines fate as “The course of someone’s life, or the outcome of a situation for someone or something, seen as outside their control.”
It can be argued to what degree each individual characters’ fate is dependent on the landscape in which they originate from. Throughout both novels, there are definite examples working in favour of this comment, however there are various examples to defy.
Throughout the novel of Wuthering heights, Bronte presents many similarities between characters and the landscapes they evolve from. The inhabitants of Wuthering heights seems to acquire many of the key traits of the landscape.
The constant emphasis on landscape within the text of Wuthering Heights endows the setting with symbolic importance. This landscape is comprised primarily of moors: wide, wild expanses, high but somewhat soggy, and thus infertile. 
Bronte heavily acossiaetses the characters of Cathy and Heathcliff with the landscape. Through the landscape of wuturing heightsthe pair seem their happiest. When roaming the moorstogether in this landscape, their spiritual connection becomes apparent. The moorland transfers its symbolic associations onto the love affair.
I believe that foremostly, the Character of Cathy’s fate depends on the wuthering Heights landscape.Ultimately, she is the one who fails to survive when separated from it. Despite its rugged, stormy and daunting attributes, Cathy will only thrive when she is together with Healthcliff, living in wuthering Heights. When removed from Wuthering Heights she cannot survive.
Wuthering Heights is dark and cold place located on a hill high above the more. The characters emerging from this particular landscape reflect these dark and hostile characteristics.
Heathcliff relates to such…

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