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Illegal Immigration and Refugees (Am Civ)
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November 11, 2012
Since the United States became teeming of immigrants coming from different parts of the world, several quota acts were established by the government in order to restrict the process of immigration. In the meantime, illegal immigration had begun to surface as a means for those immigrants who cannot make it in the United States.
As a response to the illegal immigration, in 1986 the government passed the immigration reform and control act. It granted a general amnesty for all those who could prove that they were living in America for at least four years. This act also granted amnesty to seasonal workers. However, it charged ten thousand dollars to the employees who were caught as illegal, or it sentenced them to imprisonment. Shortly after, during the presidency of Bill Clinton there was the operation gate keeper. Thus, the government built a forty miles wall in San Diego in order to halt immigration by controlling borders. In 2000 the president Bush setup a new program entitled “The Guest Worker Program”. Under this program the illegal immigrants must prove that they are handling a good social situation otherwise they would be sent out of the country.
The old stock Americans regarded these undocumented aliens as profiteers who wanted to take advantage of the American welfare system. But in return, these immigrants were always performing the hard works and taking the low wages in society.
The United States has also known a remarkable wave of refugees between 1986 and 1990, they were mainly coming from Cuba and Vietnam. These immigrants feared of being persecuted on the account of political and social reasons. As a result, many people took the advantage of being an asylum seeker as to make it in the United States, but the government took another step towards immigration by asking for an evidence of a well-founded fear of persecution….

Unit 2 assignment 2 Trace analysis

Unit 2 Assignment 2: TRACE analysis
“The Great Baby Einstein Scam” p537 TEXT:
What kind of text is it?
The kind of text used is an article text.
What are its special qualities and features?
The special qualities of this article is the company involved and the issue the article was written about.What is it aboutThe article was about Walt Disney and their Baby Einstein videos, that can potentially make babies turn into Einstein by simply watching them at a young age. Which caught the eye to many parents but ended up being a big fail and cause un happy customers demand a refund.READER:
Are you one of the readers the writer anticipated?
No, I was simply amused of the topic and that the article had to do with a business failure.
Do you share common ground with the author and other audience members?
Yes I actually do share the common ground that the author is putting across.
Are you open to changeYes I am open to change because its only fair to give both sides the same amount of my support until one surpasses the other.AUTHOR:
Who is the author?
Mira JacobHow is the author influenced by background, experience, education, affiliations, or values?
The author might be influenced by parenting in the author’s own parenting styles or personal experiences.
What is the author’s motivation to writeThe author’s motivation to write the article is the parenting.
CONSTRAINTS: * What beliefs, attitudes, habits, affiliations, or traditions will influence the way you and the author view the argument
If I had affiliations with Walt Disney I would most likely side against the author, if I had kids personally would side with the author
EXIGENCE: What caused the argument, and do you perceive it as a defect or problemI believe the one who caused the problem was Walt Disney for creating the product and the parents had some blame as well for purchasing the product and exposing it to their…

study guide

Transition to Romantic Era
Downfall to patronage
Music as self preservation
New view of artist
Art for art’s sake
Relation to literature
Expanded orchestra
Concert hall tradition
Romantic Style
Classical, tuneful melodies in short symmetrical phrases.
Harmony uses chords within a key
Rhythm is straightforward
Balanced symmetrical form
Classical Style
Tuneful, sweeping melodies, irregular
Harmony key outside the key- dissonance
Rhythm uses rubato- slow tempo
Standard Classical forms enlarged=new forms
The Lied
A song for voice and piano
Piano- more than accompaniment
Poem of song is important
Shubert’s lied was The Erkling
The Erkling
Shubert’s Lied based off of poem of Goethe
About death of a son
Program Music
A piece of instrumental music, often for symphony orchestra that seeks to recreate events and emotions from an event.
Composers of the Romantic Period found inspiration from outside sources other than music
Hector Berlioz
Composer of program music who wrote Fantasique
Little exposure to music when young, dropped out of school for music, used new forms,
Story of unrequited love- his despair and rejection
Story came from attending shakespear play and saw Harriet Smithson in person
Uses device called Indee Fixe
Each of the 5 movements of music tells a part of his obsession
Opera in 19th century
Mozart: wrote 2 operas in different styles (Italian and German) during the Romantic Era
Italian Opera 19th century
Giuseppe Verdi: greatest Italian composer of century
A. He was a member of the Carboni, underground group in italy
B. Wrote La Traviata
-Story of Violetta and Alfredo, Violetta dies
Bel Canto Style- focused on solo voice and melody
Orchestra supports melody
Cabeletta- fast aria that picks up at end of act
German Opera 19th century
Richard Wagner- very controversial and influential german, used endless melody, no distinction of aria and recitative= Ring Cycle
He wrote “The Ring…


What is Management1. Management is a universal phenomenon. All organizations – business, political, cultural or social are involved in management because it is the management which helps and directs the various efforts towards a definite purpose. According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals”. According to F.W. Taylor, “Management is an art of knowing what to do, when to do and see that it is done in the best and cheapest way”.
2. An effective management is one which actually guides the employee onto a path of efficient and dynamic work, while leading by example. In true sense, effective management involves directing and organizing people or resources under one’s influence, to ensure better co-ordination, productivity and best possible positive output in any field.
Why Is Management Important
(a) Achieving Company Targets. Proper management makes sure that each part of the enterprise works towards achieving a common goal without disorder. (b) Reduction in Wastage. Management can identify resources which are scarce and find alternatives for the same, thus reducing the cost. (c) Simplifies the Organizational Structure. Management controls effective work division, specialization and resource allocation. This creates a uniform flow of work and specifies boundaries of responsibilities, authority and rights, which do not overlap.

(d) Increases Stability. Management provides increased permanence and flexibility to the company, helping it to survive market conditions and grow with time. Also, the workers would not be concerned about losing their job, which would, in turn, help them work with peace of mind. (e) Profits Galore.This is a cumulative effect of all of the benefits mentioned above. Proper management…


ASSIGNMENT ONE It is important at the outset of the course to make certain that everyone has a firm understanding of lenses and basic photographic equipment. This assignment is reasonably straightforward and designed to alert your tutor to any weakness in your grasp of these fundamentals. If necessary, your tutor will be able to supply material or advise particular areas for your improvement. For each of the following hypothetical photographic assignments you have the following equipment at your disposal (note that you do not have any zoom lenses): ? Two small format DSLR cameras with full sized 35 mm sensors ? 20 mm lens ? 24 mm tilt-shift lens ? 35 mm lens ? 50 mm lens ? 90 mm tilt-shift lens ? 100 mm macro lens ? 135 mm lens ? 300 mm lens ? Neutral Density Filter ? Polarising Filter ? Two quick cycle portable flash units made specifically for your cameras ? Transportable studio flash gear ? Tripod ? Monopod Nominate which of the abovementioned equipment you would use for each of the following 10 scenarios and give a brief explanation of why you made those choices: 1. 2. A large art gallery has hired you to photograph every individual framed painting in the gallery for an upcoming exhibition. They require colour accurate copies of the artwork for use in a catalogue. An advertising agency has hired you to photograph individual “pack shots” of a range of packet soups. The soups come in small rectangular boxes, which have a glossy finish. They want the pack to look heroic and important. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A men’s magazine has hired you to shoot an action outdoor fashion feature of a male model in the centre of a large city wearing various business suits. They want lots of movement in the images and are happy with some motion blur. A sports magazine wants you to photograph an afternoon football game and they get you a press pass, which allows you access to the playing field. They want high contact physical shots with frozen action. A lifestyle magazine wants you…

Iphone vs Blackberry

Hello I’m an iPhone 3GS and I just want to tell you about me. A lot of people use the iPhone but a lot of people also use the Blackberry. The types I want to compare are me an iPhone 3GS and the Blackberry 8520. These are two very common phones that people worldwide use. They are also very popular, and I want to tell you about why I’m better than the Blackberry 8520.
The first reason is the display. My screen is very nice and big so you can see everything on it and its not just crammed up into a little 2.44 by 2.44 inch screen but instead I have a 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display . It’s also touch screen which makes it very easy and fun for kids and other people to use. My screen is also so bright and has retina display. The Blackberry 8520 isn’t, and the camera is only 2.0 megapixels and on the hand iPhone 3GS has a 3-megapixel still camera and has Video recording with VGA up to 30 frames per second with audio.
The second reason is features. The iPhone 3GS has a built in iPod just like in the iPod touch. It has a neat and easy design that anyone can use with the songs and videos in it. Unlike the Blackberry 8520 with music, photos, video, and voice memos all in on media folder. The other talk time, the Blackberry 8520 has Up to 4.5 hours (approx.) and the IPhone 3GS has Up to 5 hours on 3G, up to 12 hours on 2G.And games is a huge reason why the iPhone 3GS kick the Blackberry 8520`s plastic back. The app store on the IPhone 3GS is AWSOME! And has so many games you can’t even pic out which one to download. Plus there are a lot of free games and demos so you can get an idea of what the full games are like. Also they are good games and very nice and velar and they don’t lag or not respond. On the Blackberry 8520 the games are not good they aren’t clear and lag a lot because of the unresponsive track pad and sometimes it never works its happened to me a lot of times. When I go to the app world and try to download games my track pad just…

Zombie Land

INVASION (NEO) ZOMBIE: BETWEEN MACABRE, PATRIOTISM AND BURLESQUEThe city in ruins, haunting icon Invasion (neo) zombie theme is a corollary of the collapse of the Arcadian myth. Correspondence unstructured macroscopic body mass zombie apocalyptic city is not abandoned but teeming with crawling body (such as in The Walking Dead Atlanta, etc). Literally invaded, cities become graves dating back in some way to the very origins of Western iconography macabre, if marked by the experience of the Black Plague. This touches on the deep American fear the devastation war “inside” curiously revived in conflicts outside the country of Vietnam marked clearly the work of G. A. Romero and T. Savini to the invasion of Iraq that feeds the contemporary comics.This fear of the collapse of civilization – which is passed from the atomic to the obsession of biochemical attacks-is clearly linked to more latent fears of social anomie. Irreversibly collective (otherwise he wanders, insignificant, lost forever in the lonely roads), neo-zombie mark the ultimate fusion of the “mass man.” Monster par excellence of urban alienation, he embodies the total depersonalization (inherited from the imagination of the Cold War) modern megacities (which does not feel surrounded by zombies?). Hence the playful reappropriation of these parades zombies (zombie walks) mode where the masses are formed in the image of invasions filmic parody makes everyday urban experience. The proliferation own digital zombie mass transforms imaginary transmission vampire (which is rather venereal contagion, so intimate) pandemic in rhizomatic. Conversely, the massification of traditional monsters (including the highly individualistic vampire) approaches the inevitable zombie status – this is the case, clearly, in the vampiric hordes parties seeking “blood-flesh” (blood-meat) in the saga 30 Days of Night (Niles-2004c).This proliferation swarming obsessively portrayed with great realism, also allows the…

The Misconception About Illegal Immigrants

The Misconception about Illegal Immigrants
Americans believe that illegal immigrants are freeloaders they come to the United States to use our Social Services. Let’s define Social Services, “organized welfare efforts carried on under professional auspices by trained personnel (, 2011, para.1).” Examples of Social Services are Housing which is Government subsidized and public housing, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Food Stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid and Medicare, and Social Security Payments for the elderly, disabled, qualifying children of the deceased, etc. Illegal immigrants do not qualify for these social services, because they do not have a social security number. Illegal immigrants contribute to the economy of the United States; furthermore, in order for Americans not to pay too much money for food or goods they take the jobs for less money and the Health Care they receive is minimal. People are easy to pass judgment without learning the facts; our Government lets our citizens know what is convenient for them in election time, but we need to do our own research before we can pass a sentence.
About a year ago a co-worker made a statement, “All these illegal immigrants put on their W-2 form that they have six kids, so that they won’t pay taxes!” People think illegal immigrants do not pay taxes; in addition, they are a hinder in the economy of this country. However, the truth is that Corporate America loves illegal immigrants because to them is new money. These people are debt free individuals, unlike American citizens. Companies such as banks, insurers, credit card companies, phone carriers, and mortgage lenders have reached out to this fast-growing population. In the process, illegal immigrants have been drawn further into the economic mainstream, which could benefit the economy by fueling economic growth and increasing the share of taxes paid by immigrants (Grow, 2006, para. 5). According…

Worst Sinner Essay

The Puritans were a group of people who grew discontented with the Church of England and craved religious, moral and greater societal reforms; moreover, they escaped persecution from the church leadership by fleeing to America. Sadly, in their newfound freedom they took this reform to the extreme. It is obvious that all extremes are dangerous, and this element in Puritan society is highlighted in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s renowned novel, The Scarlet Letter. In essence, Hawthorne intends to expose why Puritanical perspectives were ultimately hypocritical. The Scarlet Letter is a scathing portrait of the Puritan lifestyle in New England. The life that the Puritans live is plain, simple and utterly dull. They believed in communal authority, which contrasts with Hester Prynne, the female protagonist, and her fight for individual freedom. The Puritans had a passion for the Bible, a passion for the Church, and a passion for seeing the Gospel impact every area of life. To the Puritans, mankind’s primary internal problem was sin, their staunchest enemy was sin, and sin posed the most significant hindrance in their relationship to God. Indeed, Romans 3:23 states “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” This verse clearly describes the Puritan outlook on sin. Everyone does it, everyone has taken a part in it, and everyone is alienated from God because of it. As a result, they viewed it important to expose sin, and to ensure that it was dealt with for the “good” of the community. Their whole lives and being revolved around sin and that is why it is such a prominent theme in Hawthorne’s novel. All the major characters– Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth– are portrayed as flawed sinners. The Seven Deadly Sins play a vital role in depicting the worst sinner in the novel. These sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride create the basic outline of what each person has transgressed. At some level, all are guilty of all seven….

Appalachian Choice

Research Paper
April 26, 2011
The “Great Migration” of Appalachia
The region known as Appalachia during the early nineteen-forties and fifties experienced a great spread of population outward toward the north. This population spread, also known as out-migration, would become an ideal situation for some, but an urban impoverished nightmare for others. This out-migration from Appalachia came to be called the “Great Migration” named partially because over three million Appalachian people would migrate into the north. The people occupied cities like Cleveland, Ohio and more substantially Akron, Ohio. These hard working men and women, along with their families, would travel the long journey northward. Their journeys were motivated by economic conditions in their region along with other influential reasons. This out-migration would cause and contribute to the many problems that face Appalachia still today. This out-migration pattern can be attributed to creating an awareness of many educational, consumer, and healthcare expectations that was not known to the people of Appalachia prior to their travels.
The events leading up to the “Great Migration” are events that face Americans even within the realms of today’s society. These events were largely based on technological and mechanical innovations. In the Appalachian community, the lack of educational opportunities, healthcare, and the switch for many cities in the usage of coal to electric energy would cause migration northward. This would become a massive exodus from the hills by the people and became one of the largest internal migrations in history. Assumptions and stereotypes held by the northern populations would cause conflict during these migrations. Many of the mountain people would move from their mountain community to the same northern city or town. Use of census data was the only way for the government and researchers to evaluate this migration pattern. After the census was released many researchers…