Program Evaluation

Promise Program
Karen Hallman, Shannon Collins, F.T. Wilson
University of Phoenix
Dr. Duane Benton
February 25, 2013Promise Program
Children Promise Program is a community base program, nonprofit organization embracing children whom have incarcerated parents. It has been said that at any given time in the United States, there are about one and a half million children who have one or more parents imprisoned incarcerated in a centralized or state facility. The Annie Casey Foundation is just one of many programs, which offer a supportive structure and framework that is designed to benefit children and families during this time of separation.
The diverse challenges children and families deal with are momentous (Bouchet, 2008). The issues they are faced with are the loss of that parent, economic, and social challenges as a result of incarceration (Bouchet, 2008, p. 4). There are many associations across the United States helping children along with incarcerated parents in building strong and healthy relationships. Preventive services are offered to families in redirecting vicious cycles and intergenerational cycles. Kids of incarcerated parents are at an elevated risk for obtaining and hurting from unsympathetic public, emotional and developmental challenges. In a survey, information gathered on about 12, 663 prisoners, 20% were women, which made up about 6% of the prison population. Fathers are usually the disciplinarian in the family. All children need structure.
One of the purposes of this program is to assist and remedy the problem within criminal justice. Today more than ever, fathers are an important and needed member in our households. Each year in the month of June many celebrate fathers, dads, or whatever unique name one has chosen to call his or her father. Growing up in a home where, “wait until your father gets home,” were the most feared words a child could hear. Dads are usually the parent who disciplines, whereas the…

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