Rosewood Report

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts (Rosewood) is a private hotel management company. Brand Rosewood is only known among hotel professionals. Rosewood differs from its completion by giving uniqueness to its hotels. Rosewood hotels carry their own brand. Rosewood hotels are unique, each hotel is one of its kinds, and they are creative and flexible. Each hotel’s interior, exterior and menu reflect the local culture and define the local philosophy. Rosewood growth strategy:
1. Re-launch and re-position an existing luxury hotel which has a strong brand name by providing professional management
2. Help developers build luxury hotel and create brand equity in the property.
Brand Rosewood is never marketed, and is not popular in market. Many customers don’t know the name rosewood some knew through the travel agent. Individual property was stressed not the brand name. Rosewood always marketed the hotel by the property name. Rosewood’s management has been considering new branding strategy. Instead of branding hotels locally, rosewood is considering to go with corporate branding with all its hotels. From the data analysis 40% of the customers enjoyed return visit but only 5% stayed in more than one of Rosewood’s properties. By branding Rosewood ought to improve cross property usage and build a strong brand name among customers. 2. DEFINE THE BRANDING OPTIONS AND DISCUSS THE NONFINANCIAL PROS/CONS OF EACH. ADDRESS THE PROS AND CONS AND HOW YOU WILL DEAL WITH THEM.
Rosewood has two branding options:
1. Individual Branding
2. Corporate Branding
Individual Branding:
* Hotels are unique and represent local culture.
* Has loyal customers per location
* Hotels are managed locally, not at corporate level
* Individual hotel is responsible for its brand value
* Bad reputation from one hotel does not affect others.
* Growth is limited
* Inconsistency in performance

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