Savannah dredging problem

Savannah Dredging Problem
Vibert Jacob
South University

Composition I | ENG1001 UD
Instructor: Julie Kares
January 23, 2013
Beside Jasper County’s western boundary is the stunning Savannah River, habitat of the Savannah River National Wildlife Refuge. This innate asset is being scarce by suggestions that will change the brilliance and consistency of the river forever. The Panama Canal is increasing to have room for larger vessels, this development will be complete by 2014 and there are stresses to broaden port size in our area to put up these superior vessels coming over the Panama Canal. The existing Georgia Port on the Savannah River is recommending dredging 38 miles the length of the channel, from the ocean into the current port. The increase dredging of the port may violate the Clean Water Act and hypothetically be the conciliation of the Upper Floridian aquifer, a energetic base of drinking water for millions of people in SC and GA. Saltwater incursion will expand into the National Wildlife Refuge and stub out at least 330 acres of freshwater wetland. The Refuge river mouth structure has until that time suffered a loss of three-quarters (9,000 acres) of its freshwater wetland over the past century of deepening. If, in a $650 million development (the cost of the Savannah River deepening project), $310 million is protection justification, then there are environmentally friendly problems. One must ask the question, have they been correctly dealt with? The Savannah River Maritime Commission was acknowledged to look at that, there are conservational problem indicated by conservationist.
Ecological groups have filed suit to stop the deepening of the Savannah River, an accomplishment seem as vital by proponents of escalating the Savannah port. The…

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