* Project is an area of endeavor involving a meticulous approach to planning and conducting project processes from start to finish
Program Programmers are instead focused an realization of benefits. Project Managers manage projects and Program Managers manage a portfolio of projects.
Project Portfolios The Portfolio Management: it is a process that is clearly characterised by business leadership alignment.  Portfolio management manages the integration of elements of organizational strategy with projects, along with their interdependencies. 
What are the benefits of project portfolio management to an organizationAccording to Christina from Articles, Portfolio Management, business leaders are struggling more than ever to gain visibility into their portfolio investments. Visibility is just the beginning. Without a clear understanding of how the business is performing overall based on the metrics provided, leaders are unable to make key business decisions that could result in greater business value (Christina, 2013).  Here are some of the benefits from the Project Portfolio Management systems and the impacts they could potentially have on your organization:  Increase project delivery success; reduce overspending faster project turn times; reduce no-value projects; and streamline data and increase collaboration (Christina, 2013).
What would be the main issue associated with implementing project portfolio managementImplementation of project portfolio management by a project office serves as a bridge between senior management and project managers and teams. We call those personnel liaisons.
How do your organization’s project portfolio management practices vary from the best practices discussed in this week’s readingsThe company I currently work for definitely encourages the use of best practices.
What improvements would you make in your organizationI would try to improve communication among all stakeholders, not just the stakeholders at the upper…

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