Stalin claimed to be ridding the country of internal enemies by doing so it gave him a large pool of slave labor to industrialize the country and take greater advantage of the countries raw materials. The purpose of his actions was to maintain his position as the sole leader of the country. Fear of stain reached such as a high level that not even those close to him dared to challenge him. In the short term Stalin used his power to expand and to strengthen the country but eventually absolute power made him increasingly paranoid. Many suffered under Stalins rule depravation of even basic necessities was common. Many were declared to be enemies of the state and were arrested, tortured and imprisoned. Most were sent to work in slave labor camps where they worked long hours on starvation diets until they eventually died only to be replaced by another round of arrests, the effect on the population were so strong that most would not do or say anything that might ever be remotely considered to be anti-Stalin or anti-Russian for fear of suffering this fate. Stalins build up of the Soviet Union and his paranoia led to confrontation with the U.S and the Western European allies which led to the period know as the cold war.
Article 1 states that all human beings are born free and equal and should act towards each other in a spirit of brotherhood. While Stalin declared that all were equal in the Soviet Union the truth was that a privileged few lived comfortably off of the misery of the vast majority of the people under their control.
Article 5 states that no one shall be subjected to torture. Under Stalin torture was an everyday occurrence used to make people admit to crime that they had not committed before being sentenced to the slave camps.
Article 14 stated that everyone has the right to seek asylum from persecution in other countries but under Stalins rule any attempt to seek asylum in another country was considered treason and was punishable by arrest and…

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