Story of You

Alyssa Parks
September 20, 2013
Down Below
                  The boat ride out was nice, looking all around you and seeing the vast ocean was calming; Sitting with friends, and family sipping on exotic drinks (non- alcoholic of course) and just enjoying the day. Picking up speed as we near our destination, the middle of nowhere the wind starts to pick up, which was annoying for the whole female population, because as you know we have long hair, and long hair is terribly hard to tame with 50 mph winds fighting against you. When we finally come to a stop that’s when my excitement started to slowly morph into fear. Mind you I’ve never done this snorkeling thing before so I had no idea what to expect! What if I had a defective life jacket and suck to the bottom of the ocean? I mean don’t get me wrong growing up with asthma I’d like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to holding my breath, but if I sink I’m not going to focus on holding my breath I’m going to be panicking swinging my arms looking like a string bean. 
            They started breaking us off into groups, and as it came time for my group to go in the water my fear suddenly turned to complete panic. I think of myself as a wimp, I once saw a spider in my room and knowing I wouldn’t sleep till I saw it’s body all flat like a pancake I slept in the bathroom that night, because the couch was taken…let that sink in; now here I am about to jump into the middle of the ocean with nothing but my swimsuit and a tiny life jacket that looks like it offers no protection! But obviously I’m not backing down I had a reputation to keep up with! (Yeah right) because I’m a big girl I shoved my fear down saving it for another day and jumped alongside with my mom, she of course started to freak out and held on to our instructor for dear life as I finally came to the conclusion that I’m perfectly safe and I will not sink.  Trying to calm my mom down was easy I lived with her freak outs for years getting her…

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