Stress What is stress? Stress affects different people every day all around the globe by trying to maintain a happy lifestyle. This becomes more of a problem when one’s life expands and there are more issues to worry about. School is one of the main causes of stress as it affects you mentally and physically. As well as this expectation caused by parents, family and friends also create issues to worry about in everyday life. Additional pressure caused by the need to keep one’s appearance to a specific standard is also a main cause of stress. However stress can affect you positively or negatively which varies on the situation. All of the above reasons have affected me in day to day life and shall be discussed in this essay.
It is very easy to allow stress to overpower you and it is only how you deal with it that determines how well you shall overcome it. School has always caused great amounts of stress in my life as the amount of pressure, expectation when mixed together with exams and studying soon overpowers you. Stress caused by school affected me mentally and physically as it changes your personality which darkens your everyday life. It also affected me physically as it began to change my actions for example I would be easier annoyed at something which before would not have bothered me. But most importantly the worst affect caused by school stress is that it affected the people around me. Although friends are experiencing the same affects it is hard to relax knowing that all the pressure is building up inside of you. This caused me to be tenser when around my friends meaning I would spend less time with them and soon begin to slowly drift away from them. Fortunately I had good friends who stuck by me until the exams were over as we had previously done for other members of our group. This shows that stress affects everyone in different ways and at different times. Expectation caused by parents, friends, teachers and other family members also…

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