2014-2020Robotics 2020Strategic Research Agenda
for Robotics in Europe
Produced by euRobotics aisblDraft 0v42 11/10/2013 Robotics 20202014-2020Strategic Research Agenda
for Robotics in Europe
Produced by euRobotics aisblDraft 0v42 11/10/2013 Who should read the SRAIf you are a policy maker, investor, or entrepreneur trying to understand the robotics market in Europe you should read this document. It will give you an overview of the status and potential of robotics. Depending on your interests some parts of the companion document the Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR) , particularly those relating to innovation and products, may provide a deeper insight. If you are an innovator, technologist or researcher you may ?nd the detail you are looking for in the MAR document, and a higher level overview of robotics in Europe in this document.An overview of the content of the SRA
This document provides a high level strategic overview for the robotics community. It is also intended to act as an introduction to the European robotics community for non-robotic specialists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and industries intending to use or work within the robotics market. Its companion document Multi-Annual Roadmap is a more detailed technical guide identifying expected progress within the community and providing a detailed analysis of medium term research and innovation goals. This SRA document has been updated from the SRA 2009 document to re?ect the following factors: Feedback and commentary on the content of SRA 2009. The need to set research priorities. The introduction of the PPP and its effect on the goals of the SRA. The changes introduced in Horizon 2020. The need to broaden the applicability of the SRA to nonrobotics organisations.A note on versions
Changes in each version of this document are indicated by coloured dots: ! Indicates that a section has had new text added, typically a new paragraph. ! Indicates a new section added….

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